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 dragan said on August 24th, 2005

well ill go as far as saying
this has to be the ugliest package design iv ever seen
i mean ok the bottles might have the masculine appeal to the studly crowd because of their resemblance to spray one turtle wax or armorall
but come on
i like the smell of turtle wax on the car
but not on my body
and i dont like a bottle that will remind me of just that
ah so much for my venting
ugly bottle
ugly ad
poor poor illustrator for having to deal with this
as opposed to making a kinky sex cartoon

 dragan said on August 24th, 2005

oh and do you think that guy uses a bowflex or a totalgym?

 Spar said on December 20th, 2005

Uh.. er… I think the illustrator DID get his sex cartoon done, dragan!
The illustrations were done by the guy who illustrates Spy Groove. As you
suspected, he does erotic illustrations as well, most of them gay.

 scamps said on December 20th, 2006

Actually, BOD was the first in the game, but it still doesn’t excuse their annoying ads.

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