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 AJT said on September 30th, 2005

I like them, but I don’t understand. Does ‘putting the demographic curve back to normal’ mean ‘die, old people, die’?

 Anonymous said on October 3rd, 2005

I agree with AJT. It is commonly known that soon old people will be a large social burden in both Japan and Europe.

 Von K said on October 4th, 2005

“Old people” are becoming a larger group, yes. It doesn’t follow that there is such a thing as a “normal” demographic curve. There’s just what it was, what it is and what it’s becoming.

 Serendipity said on October 6th, 2005

I cannot understand… If it says what i think… that’s horrible…

 Exet said on October 7th, 2005

The old pepole are getting old becous we can keep them alive longer then they could before, new medicine and better care for the old have made it so they live like 20 or more years then they used to. Witch just costs the rest of us money and for them its not realy a life worth living couse they have to eat 50 different medicines and be in a damn nursing home for the rest of their lives, plus most on them are in constand pain. This it not ALL of the elderly i’m talking about ju the few “evolution” would have killed off but we keed alive just so we wont have to face the sorrows of losing a loved one.

 Anonymous said on October 9th, 2005

omg, Cant believe this… Old ppl being a problem? Were all going to be old ffs

 Sajjad said on October 10th, 2005


 Anonymous said on October 10th, 2005

Old people are a social burden? Everybody gets old? I have a solution. Children, grab your rifles!

“Shh, be wevy quiet, I’m hunting gvampa.”

 Anonymous said on October 12th, 2005

Hehe ye its true that the evelotion would killed most old ppls long time ago :O its like the same with ppls thats “retarded” or whatever. if that was 50-100 years ago the dad would have taken them in the legs and dragged them in the wall. i mean sure its a hard time lose a loved, but also in most cases that would be the best wouldnt it?

and tbh even if it was a 20 years old chick on that picture, it would been a pretty fun and good idea of design anyway 🙂

 Anonymous said on October 20th, 2005

Jag tycker att det var roligt jag.
Klas Ã…kerblom, ingenting.se

 rolf said on October 21st, 2005

“Living 20 years longer than they used to”? Hahaha. C’mon. Before we figured out how to use FIRE we died at what average age? 20-30?

We are humans. We figure things out, and live longer and longer.
That is our evolution. THAT is what is perfectly normal.

 Anonymous said on January 11th, 2006

o rly? yeah i think ol ppl will overpopulate this world and take it over.. OMG DONT LET THEM INVADE US WITH WHEELCHAIRS!!! ps. cuz then im gonna be sad and cry // Brandt @ borås FTW!!!

 omega said on July 13th, 2007

i don’t get the point either. might be useful the author explained himself / herself!! might be a little subtle!!

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