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 Kenny Bania - The Freshmaker said on October 19th, 2005

i knew of chip foose from a while ago, well before he because as mainstream as he is now. but i only knew of him as a custom rim guy. it’s crazy how he does custom rims for every car he does.

now i see him do things like tape flame outlines perfectly to cars without any guides. that’s sick.

 Freddy said on October 19th, 2005

Chip is the man. I watch Overhaulin just to see him do his thing. Do you knowe American Hot Rod at all? It’s funny how most of Boyd’s staff is now working for Chip. It’s amazing how easy he makes it look, and the detail he puts in his work is just amazing.

 Dragan said on October 19th, 2005

yeah i think the most impressive thing about chip besides the amazing attention to deatail, precision and creativity is the fact that he is a down right amazing rendering artists with a kind of old school “graphic design” type approach to his work i mean how many designers do you know that have such hand control with traditional materials im not even gonna bring up his 10 minute renderings with display types in the back ( drawing type now thats amost a lost art )

 Kenny Bania - The Freshmaker said on October 20th, 2005


that’s hilarious about boyd coddington. maybe if he spent more time working on the cars with the boys instead of just parading around in hawaiian shirts all day, he might still have his staff. and that fucker dwayne is such a prick.

and boyd is too one-dimensional. he pumps out the same stuff all the time.


yeah, it’s weird watching a mechanical pro who uses high tech tools master such traditional mediums of art. there truly is nobody else like him in that regard and there probably never will be.

 Rus Ioan Khristian said on October 6th, 2006

i’m Khristian i’m from romania and i realy apriciate yous work! you’r the best!

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