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 Von K said on December 12th, 2005

Not too shocking. I think it’s not immediately obvious to ‘murricans what they’re on about, but if “GAIA” is anything as ubiquitous as PETA, i’d say great job.

 Jerome Dahdah said on December 13th, 2005

Well damn, they’re supposed to be shocking! People don’t get it otherwise. Too bad the railway company puts money before humanity.

I think these are attractive ads, but almost a little too humorous to be taken seriously.

 edu said on December 13th, 2005

Then I’m a saddist. Foie gras is great!

 Anonymous said on December 13th, 2005

Ditto, edu. I might add that unless you are a vegan, it’s sort of hypocritical to focus on a single animal cruelty. Cattle are shot in the head with massive bolts. Fish are either caught by piercing their palates with sharp hooks, or in smothering nets. Chicken are kept in cages the size of your monitor, wallowing in their own feces until they are decapitated. Still most of us eat all of the above. (And I’d be willing to bet that the owner of the agency that created the ads above has had his or her share of foie gras.)

 M said on December 13th, 2005

I think people need to get over themselves. Some people are going to eat foie gras, some aren’t, but I highly doubt anyone’s going to stop because of some ads. Don’t people have anything better to do with their time?

 bdeth said on December 13th, 2005

I wonder if any animals were harmed in the making of these ads. Would be a little ironic, no?

 Kenny Bania - The Freshmaker said on December 13th, 2005

these are well done. but i wonder if the general public will be able to understand the message. personally i think it’s a little too cryptic.

but i think they would work well if they were supplemental pieces that were running alongside direct mail or television/radio ads that explained the message in greater detail.

because i knew about the over-feeding of ducks across europe, but i thought these ads were about a fetish or burlesque club that served high-end food and catered to belgium’s upper-crust…

…but i guess they only have places like that in germany 😉

 Ben Popken said on December 14th, 2005

Hey I just posted an interview with a guy from the agency giving the inside scoop on the foie gras fracas.


(yes I am posting this message to multiple ad blogs, wanna fight about it?)

 Tero said on December 21st, 2005

Although I support issues concerning animal rights, I found the campaign images rather amusing. Maybe I’m bit too perversed, but the first thing on my mind was a sadomasochist duck, who is playing with his toys and role in the “game”.

Forcefeeding, the actual reality would have shocked me. This one gave a good laugh. I doubt I’m the only one?

 bcy said on October 29th, 2006

nailing a goose to a floor and putting a tube down its throat isn’t shocking. is it?

 Alies said on May 8th, 2009

I think the negative impact on (children’s) psyche and morale will be far worse than the “evil” which you intended to fight.

The railroad manager saw it better than you.

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