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 Killerqueen said on January 14th, 2006

With knobs, with ribs, with no taste at all… I’m getting bored with this pseudo media creativity BS. This is wrong, it’s not funny and it’s completely irrelevant. It’s too far fetched for me. What’s next Bania goin’ street advertising?

 Ritmo della noche said on January 14th, 2006

I agree, it’s really fashionable for agencies to go streetwise. But they often forget the relevance of it all. They’re all like ” Let’s do something in the street ’cause all the flash agencies are doin’ it. Maybe they should consider a job as garbage man? ’cause how desstasteful is this campagne for durex anyway?

 Bandar said on January 14th, 2006

i did not like the idea …

i feel that this kind of details – about the shape of the condom and how much pleasure it will add or subtract – should not be exposed …
this is way against morals … if agencies know what this word means …

so, what’s next? telling people how exactly they should stick it in ?!
for GOD’s sake !

 Carla said on January 15th, 2006

In North America, this is hardly scraping the surface as far as sexuality in the public is concerned. Does it make it right, morally, to expose a condom ad to the general public? Perhaps not. I guess that depends on your personal morals and the general morality of the audience you are advertising to. Do most people in North America care? Not really, because on an everyday basis they are exposed to much, much more blatant sexuality. Until you see a giant chalk vagina on the sidewalk I hardly think people are going to be taken aback. Unfortunately that also says a lot about your point; morality.

I think the more important issue is, how easy was this to come up with? Textured condoms. Textured street. And la dee dah we have an ad.

Street advertising, ambient advertising, whatever you want to call it, is trendy these days. I think instead of just hopping on the bandwagon and throwing a piece of work on the street, consider not only the morality of the consumer base, but also the intelligence, and the longterm goal of your placement.

We’re all smart enough to know what textured condoms provide, we don’t need to be dumbed down by a simple ad. Provide us with something tangible; namely the benefit of your shot in the condom industry bucket; “ribbed” condoms.

 Bandar said on January 15th, 2006

I agree that it is a smart ad… indeed …

but i imagine my little daughter saying: Dady, what is this? is it a toy?

but i agree with you anyway…


 Annonymous said on January 25th, 2006

I like the simplicity of the concept and the controversial nature of exposing the condom to anyone on the street. Of course kids are clearly not the target group but which kid will turn into a Durex customer just because of being confronted with a round shaped drawing of a huge rocket that can be mistaken for a milk bottle? The fact that this harmless ad triggered discussion about morality is another indicator for a backlog in terms of approach to sexuality. There is nothing dangerous about a condom. My thumbs up for this simple and surely low-budget campaign.

 danny said on February 17th, 2006

I did a little research and this campaign comes from Belgium. In Belgium and in Europe more general they don’t keep on going on about morality and sexuality. Djeezus, guys, this is a very simple and effective way to talk about textured condoms.

Get over it and don’t go looking for things that weren’t intended! I’m sure in Europe, this isn’t such a big deal! Just appreciate the creativity!

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