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 Smivey said on June 1st, 2006

You not only have to be standing in the right place, but at the right time of day. I know this isn’t really a new idea, but I think it’s done really well. Not that my opinion matters.

 Freddy (the other one) said on June 1st, 2006

This is not a campagin, it’s not outdoor, and your position doesn’t matter either. I’m pretty sure it’s been photoshopped inside, and you’ll always see the result from the perfect position. An ad concept once again.

And I’m pretty sure the effort of composing one poster for one particular place for one particular time in one particular viewing angle won’t make it in the wild.

 Ken said on June 1st, 2006

it can’t be outdoor, otherwise it will only fit for limited period of the day, but impact is shocking, bring you close to something horrible

 Far said on June 2nd, 2006

hmm… i think i recognize one of the streets in the picture, I’ll try and go check it out.

I think it would be a lot more effective though if it was done on glass, so the image they wanted to add in was just superimposed onto the real background… Can’t be done well with those poster boards though…

 RM said on June 3rd, 2006

The one angle only thing ruins these for me. I know it would cost a lot more, but if they could put the foreground object on transparent material the ad would work a lot better.

 Marketing group said on June 3rd, 2006

I think it’s a very powerful campaign.

 Dam said on June 4th, 2006

At first i tought that it was a transparency and that the background is pretty much what you see at different times of day. That could actually work better cause you get to superpose the people on the ad to the current background without ruining the ad’s visuals.

Having the image with the background, looses its purpose at night i guess, but great work indeed, just love these types of ads

 heinz said on June 6th, 2006

@ freddy the other one: those ads aren’t photoshopped inside. they’re on transparent so you can see the background. better seen on http://www.walker.ag/index_walker.htm

 Jen said on March 30th, 2008

Although the ads need to be seen during the day to get the full effect, I still believe that this campaign is very effective. These ads will catch the attention of any onlooker. The statement is powerful, interacting audience with these powerful scenes. This advertising campaign would be perfect for my international advertising blog.

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