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 daniel said on July 10th, 2006

hating the new logo for sure, the can itself reminds me of those mini kegs by heineken

 Yulia said on July 10th, 2006

Why? That’s all I ask.

 Stefan said on July 10th, 2006

The can looks really cool and fresh- i like the design cause of the minimalistic style and artwork. The Logo is 80’s like. Nobody knows, what that should be.. oh wait, Scotty will know 😉

 monkeypox said on July 10th, 2006

> Why? That’s all I ask.

probably because 7up rebranded a short while ago.

 j truitt said on July 10th, 2006

i remember when they changed from the all-green can to the green-blue gradient. that was a good change. this new silver jounce i am not so sure about.

 Roger Wong said on July 10th, 2006

Fugly. The new logo is too sharp. I get the lemon/lime thing they’re going for, but it’s just so clunky.

Regarding the can design, yeah, not a fan. The reduced size of the type makes it look like a generic brand, especially when they’ve changed everything else about the can design.

 chuck said on July 10th, 2006

what is up with rebranding for rebrandings sake? was there an inherent problem with the previous can? a waste in my opinion.

 Clyde Smith said on July 10th, 2006

I like that new can a lot better than the poorly designed website that Coke has to explain it.

 Josh Pigford said on July 10th, 2006

I actually like it. The previous (current) design was starting to feel a little too 90’s for me.

 Smivey said on July 10th, 2006

That logo is reminiscent of Pepsi, no?

 stuart said on July 10th, 2006

Poor, poor design. Another corporate, hard edged, meaningless logo that has no link with consumer enjoyment, while distracting from the product name/wordmark. As well, the totally unnecessary logo is dated in design and color choice.

 christian said on July 10th, 2006

Ok, the beveled yin yang S thing is bad enough, but whats the deal with the type treatment. An italic+a gothic+a sign painter script= a really crappy logo.

 Daniel said on July 10th, 2006

hm, nah..not feeling the type nor the logo. its to angular and sharp..i think : (

 ray said on July 10th, 2006

the Sprite type is fine by me. but the logo is horrendous! did they hire a college student to to this?? i’m not looking forward to the new can for sure

 Chris said on July 10th, 2006

sucks ass.

 Joe said on July 10th, 2006

There is nothing wrong with the old one. The advertising commercials look promising, though.

 MeDeA_ said on July 10th, 2006


i think the same than you!

it lñooks like pepsi’s one…!

 Dom said on July 11th, 2006

What the fuck is going on with the p,r,t,e?


 808_D3SI9N3R said on July 11th, 2006

Simply awful.

What on earth were they thinking?


 Ernst said on July 11th, 2006

That logo is absolute pap. And I’m not at all liking the type either. Mind you, nothing more than typical for a brand which in my opinion has pretty much always missed the nail.

 Yardbird said on July 11th, 2006

The silver top and bottom speak of cold refreshment better than the old can. The logo, however, is an abomination.

 Tero Ylitalo said on July 11th, 2006

The new look is okay, nothing great though. I can see the purpose of getting from the 90’s image to this century. Positive about the new look is its freshness (as I suppose that’s where they’re aiming for), but the logo could be better.

Now, when people are making comments I would like to hear more detailed arguments for or against the subject. Now we’re are arguing on that-sucks-vs-great-work level that doesn’t take the conversation anywhere. Too harsh?

Greetings from up north.

 Maryam said on July 11th, 2006

why are most of the rebranding all….crap? I like the old one better then again maybe cause Im use to that one….this is too futuristic and edgy for me.

 PZR said on July 11th, 2006

It wasn’t until the third time I looked at it that I realized the logo mark represented a lemon and lime. At first it looked like a B2B logo for a chemical company. (Not a compliment.)

 Deanna said on July 11th, 2006

Of all of the redesigns that are going on lately in major products – this is one to the least bad.

Now – if they would only call Fanta what it really is – different flavored Sprite – unite the two brands and use the new “S” logo in different colors to signify flavor – then I’d be even more on board.

 Deanna said on July 11th, 2006

Oh – and I DO like the horizontal stripe thing much better than the diagonal. The odd diagonal layout of the can has always bothered me. This one, where the color seems to be sandwiched between ice is very nice.

 Justin Halsall said on July 11th, 2006

loving the artwork on the can and hating the new logo!

 raverus said on July 11th, 2006

Whoever done it is lost.

 ivan said on July 12th, 2006

The logo sybmol is uncool. Looks too much like a lime version of Pepsi, which is a big mistake. You don’t want such brand confusion. The type and background is good, but the smaller overall logo on the can is a pity. Less shelf inpact.

 ELMANCO / Stefano Ricci said on July 12th, 2006

New logo is not cool… it’s so!
Sure, the old one need a redesign, but could be done a better work

 Deanna said on July 12th, 2006

To ivan:

You’re right. I didn’t see the Pepsi until you pointed it out but now its all I can see. I’m surpirsed they let it get that close.

 bigbigtruck said on July 12th, 2006

What the heck is up with the “p”? Hideous.

At first glance, the new logo gets the basic idea across – lemon, lime, etc., but the longer i look at it the more amorphous/non-specific it gets. In fact, it looks a lot like the logo for a local cable company…

 Ryan said on July 12th, 2006

I like the ice-reminicent stripes at top & bottom. Don’t really understand the need to bevel the yin/yang “S” shape. The dimensionality doesn’t sit well with the rest of the can gfx.

And like everyone else said, WTF is up with those letters? Esp the “P”? That little angle at the bottom is very distracting. The “E” almost looks like a diferent font entirely, plopped on at the end.

 Rick said on July 12th, 2006

You guys are missing the point of this redesign; Of course it looks like crap to you. it’s not meant for late 20’s/30 year olds… it’s for younger kids who look for the whole “EXXXTREEEEME!!” marketing crap. the sharpness of the yin yang/S thing and the altered typeface, the almost graffiti-like ragged border, and the change of empasis from the word “SPRITE” to the limon lime… expect to see giant billboards of that “cool-looking” logo at snowboarding events, etc. with a very tiny or even absent word “Sprite”.

Modern rebrandings aren’t grounded in good design; they’re grounded in psychology aimed at your target demographic.

 Tero Ylitalo said on July 13th, 2006

Rick, thank you. It took over 30 comments for a relevant argument. I don’t agree it’s crap if it makes the job done. Sorry all the ADs out there, but this is not a drawing contest. Of course you may express your own views about the new look, pretty much everyone is capable of better work (because advertising is so damn easy).

Fcuk the target group, fcuk the sales target.

 Damascity said on July 16th, 2006

I think you could still reach the youth market without such a awful logo. I like the layout of the can much more than the previous version. I am not having fits about the font as they clearly are going for a youth market but the logo is awful. If I didn’t have the old can image in front of me I wouldn’t have figurd out that this is a new versio nof the lemon-lime logo.

With the Baskin Robbins design and now this I’m afraid to see what other brands will switch to gaudiness in the name of going after the youth market.

 jeffo said on July 26th, 2006


 dimshady said on July 31st, 2006

ah crispin. the only thing about this whole sublymonal deal is that they shortened the obey your thirst to …OBEY.

Look out shepard fairey, bogusky just bogarted your word.

 Jay said on August 15th, 2006

this design is just waiting to become dated

 kevin from become-a-copywriter.com said on December 12th, 2006

Obviously someone forgot to “Obey Their Graphic Designer.”


And someone grab me a Pepsi.


 Respiro, the logo design guy said on June 15th, 2007

The new logo could be more lemon-like. I am not convinced that this change was a good one…

 aty said on June 25th, 2007

i lik the old one the brandname isw clear and strong

 aty said on June 25th, 2007

i lik the old one

 Ayman Naguib said on March 3rd, 2008

I think the new logo is sharp and up to date, gives the feeling of ice cold drink that is refreshing
the old one ti too crowded with colors and for nothing

when you put the 2 together u see the difference
I would go for the new one and people will get use to it

try asking the same thing in a year and you will get the right answer


 Captain Bojangles said on January 15th, 2009

Well this rebrand didn’t last long. Sprite is once again in redo mode attempting to recapture those alienated by this hip-hop faze. Creating a new “youthful, but not youth targeted” look.

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