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 restlessoul said on February 20th, 2012

To “Proud Vegan” and all the people fighting against the animal suffer I want to say this:

Make up tested on animals is not necessary. Can be avoided. We are agree that make suffer a living creature is cruel and wrong. Generally people are not so stupid to understand this, most of the time they are just giving priorities to their efforts.

I prefer to make suffer a dog rather than a man, I prefer to kill a lamb with my bare hands than leave some people to die.

I never touched an anymal directly for hurting it, but I give more importance to a human life than an animal life.

If this disgusts you live with it. I’m like this and I think that a person considering a cat important as a baby make me sisgusted too. That’s it.

We are also animals like them, just different. Do you think that a pack of wolves would safe a man from suffering instead of not risk to be hungry? (I remember you that a wolf don’t make sure that you are death before eating you, just start when you are not moving anymore, and some taste of meat in the meantime is possibly happening)

We are Humans, not felix or reptiles or whatever. If I have to chose I want the safety of humans, and only in second time the safety of other species.

If the safety of one species became the reason of possible death or life for human, then it becames important as if it was human.

If all of you can make experiment on animal stop I will be glad of it. I don’t make up and I don’t care about make up, but I will be happy of a world without useless suffering for animals, but PLEASE, do not classify people as stupid just because they consider the life of an animal less important TO a human than another human.


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