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 Rasmus said on December 6th, 2006

Feels like i´ve seen this one before…

 Le Chiffre said on December 6th, 2006

A truly amazing TV set that doesn’t even leave a shadow on the wall… How could agency miss this? Looks not finished to me.

 Deanna said on December 6th, 2006

I haven’t seen it before – but it’s entirely possible I’ve just not seen what you are talking about, Rasmus.

I like the idea of using the gutter as part of the ad. I can’t think of the last time I saw an ad either use the gutter space [as is] and use it well. I think it’s pretty ingenious, myself. And it does effectively sell the idea of how thin the TV is – without being hard to understand. [Like that thin computer screen one Freddy had posted about a month or two ago. That one was just bad.]

Now – on a more flippantly critical note – I would like to point out that I always dress that sexy when helping my boyfriend move furniture. I mean, what girl doesn’t?

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