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 fowler said on December 26th, 2006

finally, something good.

 MichalT said on December 27th, 2006

Great idea, very subtle joke, me like.

 chris said on December 27th, 2006

brilliant, award winner, wish I thought of that, etc…

 Bob said on December 27th, 2006

Excellent execution of yet another “visual that states the obvious” ad.

Anybody out there willing to try something different? Please?

It’s really, really time we all explored avenues other than double-truck photo and logo street.

 Caio said on December 27th, 2006

I didn´t understand, anyone can explain the concept, the ideia behind the ad?

 skeletona said on December 28th, 2006

tide to go stain removable pen , and look carfuly the bottom of the pocket in contrast with the stain around it

 Sam H said on December 28th, 2006

It’s a nice-ish idea, though I’m sure I’ve seen something similar with pens but it is well executed.

It does seem odd however that the subject in the ad is wearing a pretty smart shirt – you wouldn’t really wear one of those if you were gonna get all shitty. Secondly, would you be carrying a stain remover pen in your pocket like so and thirdly, it sort of says ‘this pen leaks’ to me.

Or, maybe I’m just picking holes. Hmm…

 VonK said on December 28th, 2006

Sam, you’re totally picking holes.

Sometimes life gets unexpectedly dirty and you don’t have time to change your shirt.

“Thanks for letting me borrow your stain-fighting pen, neighbor. Oh, looks like cap wasn’t on!”

We can get hypothetical all day long, but as far as an obviously orchestrated image designed to send a specific message in a compelling way, this ad works.

 the illustionist said on December 28th, 2006

i just got the concept idea, after looking at the ad 4 times. maybe it’s becuase i never put pens in my packet or it could alos be that i don’t wear dress shirt that often.

i guess the idea is that pens leak. when a regular pen leaks the stain is blue or black. but the Tide To Go leaks “White” stain.

I would say it’s a nice idea now that i got it.

 Yulia said on December 28th, 2006

this looks like a spec ad. yawn.

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