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 Josh P. said on February 6th, 2007

It’s a great step forward. Not only did the the first one look childish…it just looked plain bad.

The new one is definitely more of an actual “brand.”

 The Ad Mad! said on February 6th, 2007

I think the new one is much more synthetic and efficient, although I’m not sure about the colors. Love the typeface and text distribution

 Quentin said on February 6th, 2007

Much better, but the text might look a little too “square-ish” for toons…

 Nigel said on February 6th, 2007

I like the new logo, and the new colours in particular. The blocky look seems to fit better with the edgier look of current cartoons. The old logo sort of looks like it could be a (weirdly-named!) brand of marshmallows or something…

 David Airey said on February 6th, 2007

A 500% improvement, but too heavy for my liking. It’s not ‘fun’ enough.

 Peter Marquardt said on February 6th, 2007

It’s bold, it’s readable, it’s toony and it works in 1, 2 and 3 colors. The choice of color is excellent (kinda indiana jonesish) and I think it’s playful enough for a toon channel, I give it three thumbs up.

 VonK said on February 6th, 2007

Good job on this one. The old one had too much crap shoved in there. This hits the tone nicely and should age well.

 MeDeA_ said on February 6th, 2007

i don’t really like the colours, but i think the change is GREAT!!!

the old one is so….full of things! the face, the circle around the name, different typograph…c’mon!

it was a grat change!

 a random guy said on February 7th, 2007

First of all, I have to agree with the above commenters, that this logo indeed became a lot better than the original.

Personally though, I felt a strong flavor of comic company such as marvel in this logo. I guess that’s not necessarily a derogatory thing for a cartoon network though.

And yes, the colors aren’t exactly what I’d think to be the best choice.

 donald said on February 7th, 2007

It would be great to see them embrace multiple versions of the logo — each using a different pair of colors, or even textures. A fun and playful brand like theirs could mix it up with great results. Think old-school MTV logo.

Big improvement.

 Stephen said on February 7th, 2007

The updated look is fine in itself, but when considered in the context of the stations evolving line-up, it’s simply great. The old was does appear aimed at a younger audience, but is also distracting: it’s cartoonish nature bordering on being competitive with the station’s content.

 Jose Roseva said on February 15th, 2007

Canadians have a great experience in animation, not so much in cartoons, the old logo was out of fashion but had an interesting approach to the construction of a character, it could’ve been a starting point to redesign without getting rid of the idea of a logo as a toon character, something in which the Japaneses have achieved great results. The final result is good, but not necessarily different from other tv channels of that kind, In a more international context it is too global to be original.

 Jeremy McCann said on February 19th, 2007

I hate the new logo!

 Ashley said on July 25th, 2007

iam not too fond of either…
the colour on the new one is so…
carrot and machanic
but the old one i grew up with

before the new logo, the cartoons were better like untalkitive bunny, fly tales, ect

 JC Says: said on October 8th, 2007

I miss untalkative bunny, fly tales and other such shows. But I think the new logo is a nice improvment, though I liked the old one.

Someone said it would be nice if they made it in different colours instead of yellow, well they kind of did. The Detour is blue and Teletoon Retro is red, but the letters are white.

 teletoon43434 said on December 13th, 2007

I think the old logo,website & bumpers & shows were the best the face logo and colors were the best but the new one had too much crap in it coz i hate the blocky style

 teletoon43434440 said on December 16th, 2007

old one best of tha logos but the new one iz crappy the new teletoon logo just suks

 teletoon344089 said on October 9th, 2008

whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy TeleTOON !?

 teletoon43434440 said on May 13th, 2009

what the heck a block booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i like the old one

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