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 jim said on June 19th, 2008

these are good, but not worthy of a Grand Prix. Must be a slow year for print.

 Shineman said on June 19th, 2008

You missed the one with the kid, the paint brush, and the small white dog… All of these are so sharp, though.

 Emma said on June 20th, 2008

Haha the tagline makes these so much better! Especially the last one. “If you don’t want your kids to “play house” at an early age, buy Energizer.”

 Riley said on June 21st, 2008

This is far and away one of the best examples of black humor in advertising I’ve seen in a while.

A witty, somewhat intimidating tactic of “buy our product or your child will get hurt” that doesn’t come off as a direct threat.
Funny, provocative, gets people talking. Good series.

 raymond said on June 22nd, 2008

i wish i had come up with this.


 Paul said on June 25th, 2008

Really raymond?

I thought this was the most underwhelming Grand Prix (or winner for that matter) ever.

It’s been done before, a number of times. And come on, batteries? Surely there are bigger communication challenges to be attacked.

Congrats to the winners, but Zzzz for me.

 scooter said on July 25th, 2008

yeah. i agree with paul.

i find it sad that a creative person came up with this. either your kids have something mindless to play with or they will get into trouble. wow. no wonder this ad doesn’t make sense…it’s the “creative’s” own, personal childhood.

ouch. sorry.

 bottleHeD said on August 14th, 2008

Wow, this won the 2008 Grand Prix? It’s good, but not that good…

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