About this Site

Advertising/Design Goodness started in May 2005 with the mission to showcase only the best advertising and design around the globe. But sometimes you have to show the very worst as well in order to know what great ads and designs are. This site is there to start a conversation, to inspire, to enjoy great work, or to just talk about what your views are.

Everyone is entitled to their own oppinion, and I try not to delete posts unless they are spam or have nothing to do with what you are seeing.

We have a total of 8 contributors, and 7110 registered members.

About Me

I was born in Germany, lived in Toronto, and now reside in London. I am an art director/designer currently doing freelance (but always looking for permanent work) I have been doing the ad/design business thing for the past 8 years.

You can see some of my work by visiting www.frederiksamuel.com. Please note though that this page hasn’t been updated in a while.

My other passions include music, art, sports, and being with my friends. Check out my flickr page to see some of my photography.

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